Exposing the lies

In April 2008 a debate was held at Oxford Students Union.  A motion was put forward entitled “Page 3 is unnaceptable in the 21st Century”.  This motion was defeated by 230 votes to 129.  Zoe McConnell a Page 3 model was on the debating panel, and this event was attended by Martin Daubney who was at that time the editor of Loaded lads mag.  After this success, The Sun published an article which fed the line “little old Page 3 girl Zoe never been to university but took on the eggheads and won”.

However, Daubney wrote in an article published in The Mail on 8th June 2012 in which he expressed regret at the harm caused by Loaded for its objectification of women and soft porn content which became a gateway to hard core porn for children.

In this article Daubney took the credit for winning the debate at Oxford, therefore it must be presumed that the words spoken by Ms McConnel were actually those of Mr Daubney.

I have written to Ms McConnel asking her opinion on Mr Daubney’s article and have sent her further correspondence regarding Page 3.  However, she has never replied to me once.  So it appears that her debating skills have now deserted her.  Unless, of course, she never had them in the first place.